Drink in the delights of Porto


There is much more to this city, perched on the banks of the Douro River, than its namesake wine.

Wandering the streets of Porto, the sound of ice clinking in a glass of white port and tonic, served with a slice of orange, is interwoven with the babble of a youthful crowd. Port remains on trend in a city booming with new temptations and attractions and an influx­ of visitors who might not have ventured here exclusively for the “divine nectar of the gods” but will leave almost certainly having taken their fill.

But there is much else to do and see here in the grey, granite streets of the city that gave its name to Portugal — a country whose creative burst, post-recession, is changing the face of its landscape through a quiet re-emphasi­s on its home-grown charms

Drink in the delights of Porto by The Australian, Mary Lussiana




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